Saturday, December 11, 2010

Planning Your Itinerary

What do you look for when you travel?  Since we truly enjoy walking around the city, and seeing what the city is like, and we like to see designs, that's what we go for.

So for Hangzhou, we listed these places to visit: West Lake, walk around the city, the night market, visiting any new urban development, places to buy their products, and a day for Shanghai

We spent 6 days in Hangzhou.

Day 1: Arrive + Check-In + Dinner
Day 2: West Lake + Hefang Street (a pedestrianized shopping street)
Day 3: Silk shopping complex (+ conference)
Day 4: Qiantang River development area + Zhongshang Road a.k.a Imperial Street (+conference) + Wu Shan Night Market
Day 5: Shanghai (The Bund + Nanjing Road + Xintiandi)
Day 6: Depart back to KL

There are other interesting places to visit, such as specific gardens at West Lake and museums in Hangzhou.  Our conference group tour went to these other places, but we opted out from the group tour to visit Shanghai for a day.

So do a bit of homework to put together the best travel itinerary of Hangzhou for yourself.  Stay tuned!

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