Thursday, December 9, 2010

So you're planning a trip to Hangzhou?

Welcome aboard!

Travelling to Hangzhou from Malaysia couldn't be easier nowadays with Air Asia flying from LCCT directly to Hangzhou International Airport in just 5 hours.

Now where exactly is Hangzhou?  Hangzhou is located in the province of Zhejiang, on the east coast of China.  Shanghai is right above it.  Beijing is further up north, while Hong Kong is further down south.

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Whether you're going there for a little adventure, a business or academic trip, or for a holiday with friends or families, Hangzhou will surely be a great learning experience.  We'll share with you our 6 days of 'walk-walking' Hangzhou to give you a head start for your own travel plans.  And did I mention that includes a day-trip to Shanghai?  It sure does!

Get your bag packs and luggage ready, and most importantly, your most comfortable walking shoes, and join us for a walk around Hangzhou.  Stay tuned!

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